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We can't show you every amazing animal the world has to offer, but we can provide an incredible, uplifting, personal experience. You'll learn lots and come away appreciating the natural world even more

Each booking is personal to you. We will advise you of animal suitability and availability. On site sessions with our small exotic animals are very limited to specific dates for the general public. This restriction does not apply to off site sessions where we can bring small exotic animals for you to meet at any time. We can offer members of the neurodivergent and SEN communities special access year round. 



Silver Foxes


Mimi is a domesticated Silver fox. This domesticated species originate from American wild foxes who were sadly selectively bred for fur farms but they are also related to the wild foxes you see in Britain. Mimi can be hand fed in her beautiful naturalistic enclosure

On site only​




Big or small, we can provide dogs for therapeutic sessions


on or off-site

Spring "farm animal" babies


Our smallholding one:one sessions on site are very popular in spring and if you are very lucky we might have some babies. Please enquire about details as availability is seasonal and varies, we do not create baby animals specifically for sessions.

on-site only

Ash the fox cub

Meet Ash our beautiful baby fox and get to play with him! Very limited availability exclusive sessions available from May-July


Sugar Gliders


Sugar gliders are a tiny marsupial. Our sugar gliders live in a good sized aviary allowing them to display natural behaviour such as foraging, gliding and nesting.


off-site and limited on site 

Betty the Bearded Dragon

Betty our bearded dragon is a very friendly Australian reptile 

off site and limited on site



We have harness trained sheep in both standard and miniature sizes 


on and off-site



Daisy May the pig


Our lovely rescue cross breed pig. Daisy May can sit on command and loves spending sunny mornings on her big beanbag sunbathing


on-site only 





Mediterranean  Tortoises


Our smallest tortoises are Mediterranean and European species

Off site and limited on site 


Mrs Green


This is our lovely chaco golden knee tarantula. We prefer for children to observe or 'handle' the tarantula using a cork bark rather than directly on their hands as invertebrates are very delicate and we wouldn't want harm coming to our 12 year old spider friend! 


off-site and limited on site 


Indy the Leopard Gecko

Indy is a very well loved family member, available for indiviuals and very small groups of older children/young people and adults

off site and limited on site




Available to come to all sorts of bookings and incredibly patient and well behaved

You can also meet our hens on the smallholding


on and off-site


Guinea pigs


Biscuit is our lovely friendly guinea pig and Oreo is our skinny pig which is a special hairless breed 


on and off-site 


Giant African Land Snails


These are a great introduction to exotic creatures for all ages and abilities 


off-site and limited on site

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Thistle is our super cute, inquisitive hog 


off-site only 


Sulcata tortoises


These are the third largest species of tortoise in the world, our largest weighing 46kg!


off -site and limited on site availability 





An amazing big bird with prehistoric links


on-site only


We have lots of beautiful bouncy bunnies available to meet you! Why not a book a bunny picnic!

Off and on site

nile monitor.png

Nile Monitor

Available for virtual sessions and for our all access clients

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