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Rehoming Your Pet

The majority of the animals in our care have been rehomed to us by their previous owners, although we do also have animals that have been actively rescued as well (We consider these two very different situations!)

We offer a non judgemental rehoming service on a case by case basis as every animal is different and we provide a permanent home here with us as part of our family. The animals we can offer a home to will depend on our space, current dynamic and practical experience. Please find below the animals we have current potential availability for


  • Rhea

  • Hens (female chickens)

  • Ornamental duck breeds

  • Turkeys

  • Peacocks and peahens

Exotic Warm Blooded Pets 

  • African pygmy hedgehog

  • Tenrec

  • Silver fox

  • North American Skunk

  • Meerkat

  • Wallabies

  • European (British) Fox 


  • Katydids

  • Stick and leaf insects

  • Giant African Millipedes

  • Emperor scorpions 

Farm Animals

  • Pygmy goats

  • "Miniature" pig breeds e.g pot belly or kunekune, sows only

  • Miniature donkey

  • Shetland pony

Domestic pets

  • Chihuahuas

  • Chinchillas

  • Skinny pigs

Cold Blooded Pets

  • Royal python

  • Corn snake

  • Australian tree frogs

  • Yemen Chameleon 

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