Animal Kind Reindeer Hire

Reindeer are supposed to eat a main diet of lichen and avoid lush grazing, so it's pretty much impossible to care for them properly in England. We don't have any and I've always advised people not to hire live reindeer. Please get in touch if you would be interested in hiring our realistic, soft, tactile, life size toy reindeer for your events this Christmas. Children would be able to stroke and 'interact' with him, without the associated cruelty. He doesn't need a specialist diet, he doesn't mind the mild temperatures of the UK, he's super friendly and not bothered one bit by large crowds, long hours and loud sounds.


We can provide a beautiful, sensitively portrayed, static display for your church or school. We can either provide everything or compliment what you already have

We bring a very small handful of very tame, calm animals that are very used to being around people along with authentic looking props to set the scene